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Valuable Links

Below we have included an array of valuable links for your reference.

A Fabric Roof

NCSEA (National Council of Structural Engineers Association) – www.ncsea.com
NCEES (The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying) – www.ncees.org
SECB (Structural Engineering Certification Board) – www.secertboard.org
AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) – www.aisc.org
AWC (American Wood Council) – www.americanwoodcouncil.org
ACI (American Concrete Institute) – www.concrete.org
SEAM (The Structural Engineers Association of Maine) – www.seam.org
ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)-  www.asce.org
ICC (International Code Council) – www.iccsafe.org
NCMA (The National Concrete Masonry Society) – www.ncma.org
The State of Maine, Board of  Licensure for Professional Engineerswww.maine.gov/professionalengineers/index.html